How to Connect MailGet SMTP

MailGet Team

This guide shows step by step process to create and generate MailGet SMTP credentials.

1. Open the MailGet App in your web browser.

Navigate to

2. Sign Up for MailGet 

Hover over ‘Sign Up For Free’ and click on ‘MailGet’

3. Fill MailGet Sign Up Form

Fill in all the required details in MailGet Sign Up Form

4. Click on Create Account

Click on Create Account for complete the sign up process and moving over to the dashboard page.

5. Land to the Dashboard

Once MailGet Sign up is complete , you will be directed to your MailGet Account’s Dashboard.

6. Click on “Settings” on the left corner of the page.

7. Click on “SES/SMTP Settings”

8. Click on “Connect MailGet SMTP”

9. Select any SMTP Plan

For the list of the MailGet SMTP Plans select the plan of your choice.

10. Fill in the Payment Form

Fill in all the details in the payment form.

11. Click on “Subscribe” 

After successful completion of your payment you will be redirected to your MailGet Account.

12. Click on “Add Sending Email”

Click on “Add Sending Email”  and you will be directed to Sender domain verification page.

13. Enter your “From Email Address”

Enter a valid From /Sender’s email address and click on submit button to verify it.

14. Verify your DNS records.

Feed the given SPF and DKIM records in your DNS and click on “CHECK DNS RECORDS NOW” to verify the DNS records.

15. Domain is Verified

Once your DKIM and SPF records have been verified, you domain verification is complete.

You can now go to the MailGet SMTP.

16. Click on “Generate SMTP Details”

 Click on “Generate SMTP Details”  to see you SMTP details.

17. You can see all the SMTP credentials.


 Click on “CONNECT TO MAILGET”  to complete the MailGet SMTP connection.

19. Connection Successful

Close the message box on you get the message “MailGet SMTP connected successfully in your account”.